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This first part might make zero sense if you are not from MA but bear with me: I’m a Harwich Roughrider (the last of our kind) and current South Shore resident in Duxbury.

I write thrillers and suspense (my fancy graduate studies in writing & publishing taught me there is a difference between the two) and now I’m working on a sequel to THE HOLLOW. That was my first novel and one I wrote while battling breast cancer at the tender age of 30. And by battling, I mean, sad and bald and desperate for something else for people to ask me about. It was fitting at the time to write a dark, horror-ish (different genre, okay!) story, but to be honest I’ve always been drawn to the dark and nefarious side of most everything. It’s far more interesting.

I’m also an English teacher on Cape and on the side, I create small business websites after a 10-year career in digital marketing and e-commerce while sitting in cubicles (so happy to be done with that!).

Phew! Oh, and I hope you enjoy dog pictures.


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