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The Hollow by Nicole Barrell

The Hollow by Nicole Barrell

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A gripping thriller set on Cape Cod

“Barrell’s admirable debut is an engaging journey into a troubled mind...a promising novel.”

— Kirkus Reviews

Ellie Frites is twenty-four, single, and going nowhere. She spends her days rotting in a cubicle and her nights drinking herself into an emotional stupor. One day, Ellie has a jarring hallucination: an old classmate stands beaten and bloodied in the woods of their hometown. The visions persist, growing more intricate and detailed, yanking Ellie from her humdrum present and back to the unforgiving halls of sixth grade. As she digs deeper into what happened that day in the woods, she finds there is someone intent on keeping the truth buried. And soon her life—and the lives of her loved ones—are in serious peril.

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